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Sunday, 4 March 2007

Tassie 12 Hour race

Well the Tassie 12 hour was on for the third time and this year (due to a collapse of team) I had to enter solo. It was a beautiful day, hot in the morning and cooling off rapidly in the afternoon. Due to a complete shutdown of my legs and fitness and piked out very early, to my total disgust of myself.

Heading out for another lap.

Dave screeming by on one of his 12 laps of the day. Solid effort by him all day riding constantly. He had some competition early on when Cul was chasing him until a stick went through and snapped four of his spokes.

Big thunderstorm and cold front coming through cooled everything off and gave everyone a quick shower.

This is me totally destroyed at a time in the race that I wont mention. I have to do some training for the 6 hour at the end of the year.

Moral of the story? If you haven't ridden in 2 months dont just jump on and expect to do a decent job in a big race event.


Anonymous said...

heh yes good moral. at least you took part which is more than can be said for MORONEY ;) hats off to dave, bet that event broke the new bike in well

Anonymous said...

p.s. that post was from ben, driver of all things swedish

Ben said...

Ya za Volvo is gut, ya?

Dave said...

I broke a little more then the bike in too if you know what I mean…

Never under estimate the pleasure of being able to sit down without pain and walk without impersonating a duck… Beer helps.

I felt sorry for Cul, it’s a long way to come just for a few laps. He was on track for a great result too. That’s mountain biking though I guess.