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Friday, 23 March 2007

75th Anniversary Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk

Well Andrew, me and the little man headed out to walk across the bridge for its 75th birthday. We headed out early due to reports that the amount of people walking across would be staggering and probably too much to take the little man along safely. In actual fact it was quite empty when we got there and things moved very quickly. There were no lines at all. We all walked straight up, recieved our free gross coloured hat and walked straight on. Actually the site of all those green heads was pretty cool in the end.

Andrew, Will and I at the beginning...

The Morelli's enjoying the view.

"Yes Will, more helicopters. But look at the cool bridge..."

All those green headed freaks...

75 and still going strong. You dont really get to see the scope and size of the bridge until you get right under it. Much prettier than these new concrete spans.

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