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Sunday, 5 August 2007

Long time no pic? You no love me?

Hello everyone

Sorry about the total lack of posts recently. It is inexcusable and disgraceful :D

Actually I have been struck down over the last five days with chronic computer self destruction. More accurately, I formatted my computer and reinstalled windows. While it ran much faster it also failed to recognise the Hard drive with all my photos and Uni work on! Total and utter catastrophy!

After spending near on five days sweating and swearing in desperation I finally managed to wrangle it all back out of the depths of Norton induced partition dissapearance!

A lesson for all, go out buy a $100 portable hard drive and for gods sake back-up your important data. Of all people I should have known this considering how often I have seen it happen to other people.

Anyway, i've got all my pics and sanity back and i'm about to throw up a few pics from the last few days!

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