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Saturday, 21 July 2007

Feel the Burn Baby!!!

Time to test out for real how good I am at fire twirling. Has all the practice with the old converted broken broom handle paid off?

Starting off with some simple rotors. I was a bit nervous... I was suprised at first how much heat came off the ends when they weren't spinning.

Figure'o'8... Feeling much more confident here... Gods its cool fun...

Phill giving it a go with a bit of the 8 action...

Ash having a crack at it. Awesome effort Ash! you were a natural!!

Dave was so stoked he let me keep a photo for the blog! :D

Getting overconfident is a bit of a shock when it goes wrong. Lucky it burns quite cool so no burns. Mind you its warm enough that i'm missing half the hair on one arm.

Cyclops smiley face!!!

Here is a few shots from the end of the night when I was getting used to it and improving rapidly...

Love this one... :)

And to top it off at the very end of the night I pulled off an awesome throw and catch!!!

Well all the clothes are in the wash because my shorts are black from the mess ups and they stink of Kero...

Sooooo much fun was had tonight! :) Ciao!!!

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