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Thursday, 5 July 2007

Crater Cove

If you head down the hill from Dobroyd Head, down the bush track and take a semi-concealed right turn down a dark and narrow secret track, you will emerge at Crater Cove. Locals might remember this area as the area where a lot of hermits used to live. They have been evicted since the old days and now the huts and shacks are protected and maintained by volunteers from the NSW Sparks and Wildfire services.

Here's the cove with Dobroyd being the big headland on the right of the picture. You can just make out some of the shacks in the distance. They are remarkably well camouflaged.

Entrance sign all painted up in true hippy style.

The view from one of the shacks. With this to wakeup to every morning, its not great wonder why these people lived here for so long.

One of the "bigger" shacks. They were all still pretty tiny, built from salvaged driftwood and anything else that could be carried in.

This shack was so cool, it overhung a sandstone cave below it and had a rainwater collection system that drained all the water into a keg with a tap at the bottom. Seriously cool design and implementation.

Another entrance sign. The sign on the right says a lot of things but emphasises the point of "For gods sake, dont ask us if we live here, we've heard it a thousand times and it's just plain rude now."

One of the many little sandstone cave/grottos. You could spend hours here just relaxing.

The bottom end of the freshwater supply system...

More aquaducts for transporting water around.

Crater Cove mass transit system. Probably more reliable than Sydney's rail system too.

I shall be returning that way again soon too. This time i'll take a good book with me and sit down and enjoy the view for a few hours.

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