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Thursday, 12 April 2007

Cradle Mountain

Well on the Benny, Rob, Emma and I trecked up to the top of Cradle Mountain in one of the best day hikes i've ever done. I seriously underestimated this place thinking that it would be one of those touristy centres surrounding a big visitor centre with plenty of easy over maintained gravel trails off to certain parts of the area. I almost didnt bring any food and hardly any water thinking I could grab a pie and chips for lunch (healthy pie and chips of course). Thanks to everyone for bringing extra water and food to compensate. I'll be more prepared next time.

Here is the boatshed on Dove Lake. A beautiful spot I didn't want to leave, half because it was so nice and also becuase I was so knackered by this point.

The start of the hike through a nice little rainforest section, waterfalls and all. A quick splash to wake yourself up and then charge on.

PHOTOWARS!!! The boatshed and Crater Lake and the crazy Tasmanian Wildlife you see there.

The first view of Cradle from Marions Lookout. The weather was stunning that day. Its crap something like 300 days of the year but this was incredible.

More mountain. If you look closely you can see the track to the summit creeping up the right hand side. I love a challenge, but this looked scary.


As you near the top the terrain turns into the Moonscape of crazy rocks everywhere. Its awesome up there. We were hopping all over the place from rock to rock.

Crazy stuff like this....

And this...

At the summit, what a view! left to right, Benny, Me, Emma and Rob

Some cool green stuff around all the waterholes you see there.

Looking back up the face track. Steep and rough as guts descent that killed me. Up is easier, I don't care what you say.

Looking back at Dove Lake.

More crazy local wildlife...

They flocked to us...

End of the Day leaving the park. What a day though.

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