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Thursday, 12 April 2007

Bicheno Part 3, Wineglass Bay

After a windblown night which woke all of us up at some point due to the fact that our accomodation felt like moving without our permission, we woke to conquer Mt Amos and Wineglass Bay.

Mt Amos is on the left, 450 vertical metre ascent in not very far made for a very steep climb at parts. To get to Wineglass you walk through the saddle which is only 200 vertical but still a long way up.

A small panoramic of the slickrock we had to climb. It has the most amazing patterns from where all the water runs down and polishes the surface. The light parts are very smooth while the dark were incredibly rough and grippy. Found that out pretty quickly walking up the steep sections.

One of many breaks on the way up.

Benny ingesting some hangover prevention juice. It was actually quite warm and we needed to drink a fair bit to keep on top of things.

Selfies with SLR's are a tricky business...

How cool is this, the rock looks like an eagle.

Made it! Wineglass in the background. I didn't want to leave this spot. It would be so cool to camp up there one night and watch the sunrise.

Not the best but it really gives you a good idea of the view. You'll probably need to click on the picture to see it in any real detail.

The view to the Coles Bay side of things and the scary descent back down. Some parts were pretty bloody sketchy. This looks steep in the picture and photo's always flatten things out.

After the descent we headed through the saddle to Wineglass. This place is absolutly superb. The water is just so pristine. The people with the yacht have the right idea.

A bit of the heavy duty industrial kelp they have around here. Surely this stuff could be used for leather of some sort. Its so tough.

Benny swimming (as promised) in the water. He suggested that the water may have been a little "on the cold side".

Junior... (We think he was slightly knackered in this picture)

This little bugger scared the crap out of me as we were running back down the trail. He was munching away on the side of the trail and I didn't notice him until I practically trod on him. He never budged so I got this pic nice and close. Awesome!

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