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Monday, 19 February 2007

Queen Mary 2 Arrives

Well she was on the horizon as I got to Middle Head and it was awesome. There were so many spectator boats out there and police boats that there it looked like fireflies. I wasnt as impressed with the size of the boat but it kept getting bigger and bigger without appearing to get much closer.

Here she is a little closer. Most of the photos I took were a little blurry because it was so dark and the ship (for its size) was coming in pretty fast. It has had to be one of the hardest things to capture for me yet. She must be a pleasure to drive.

As it turned South to come down the harbour it really showed how massive this vessel is. The way it's lit up is suberb, I dont think it carries across to well in the photo but if I can get a long exposure later on tonight when its not moving it might convey it across. It really was beautiful, unlike those big american cruise tubs that float around the Carribean.

This is what greeted her in the Harbour. Full honours from the fire boat. This baby can spew water so far yet it was hardly level with the top deck.

I quite like this one, the spotlight from the helicopters buzzing around sort of cast a 'last star of the night' look. Its just a bummer the sky was so grey and smoggy. Would have been beautiful if it was a typical clear morning.

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