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Thursday, 22 February 2007

Back to Uni Road trip

Well the dreaded time had come for summer holidays to end and to head back to uni. Now that they have cancelled the Sydney Spirit of Tas (mongrels) we have to drive all the way to Melbourne to get on the ferry. We started off the night the Queens met and somehow managed to get out of town without incident, traffic or delay (if you were driving in Sydney that day you'd know what I mean)

Found this little dude trying to hitch a ride,

Stopping for a quick break just North of Melbourne, Thermometre was reading 36 degrees here, hence the parking in the shade. Burnt the crud out of my feet because I was too lazy to wear shoes.

Looking out over Port Phillip Bay and Station Pier. It was very windy and rough out there although the size of the Spirit meant we hardly felt a thing.

Small powerboats were getting hammered in the swell, we thought we were in for a rough journey as this was the water in the bay. Turns out I picked when we left the head from inside our windowless cabin by the change in the motion of the vessel. Proud I picked that one :)

The big red boat...

Watching the sailing race out the back of the boat, the winds were quite heavy and made for some close calls as the boats rounded the marker.

Well what else is there to do when your stuck on a boat for 12 hours with nothing to do.

Devonport the next morning at sunrise, quite a beautiful scene actually.


Strider said...

I collect stubby holders from different pubs I have visited. Do any of the pubs in Tasmania have stubbyholders? Please let me know, so I can decide whether it is worthwhile visiting Tasmania again?

Ben said...

I would say it would be highly likely there would be stubby holders for sale in tassie somewhere.